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WICAH is a Nonprofit making and Non-governmental Organization that seeks  to empower women and children especially those affected by HIV and AIDS. WICAH is committed to upholding the culture of human rights.


We need programs for empowering women and children with skills, knowledge and information and can help them to avoid dependency, ignorance, submission to harsh conditions in marriage/families. The more educationally and financially women are empowered the greater they will say no to submission to unhealthy culture of Polygamy.  Dependency on men, Prostitution, will reduce if such programs are implemented. This will reduce child marriages and women resorting to men as the only way of survival and source of earning.

WICAH ´s programs and activities are driven by the following objectives:

To disseminate information through Trainings, Research and Advocacy on Law, Human Rights, and HIV and AIDS.

To empower vulnerable children with knowledge and opportunities to access their right to education, social development and information.

To ensure a nutritional and health assistance for children infected by HIV and AIDS and ensure psycho-social support for children and their families.

To ensure inheritance rights of widows and children in affected households particularly the right to property ownership, family and freedom from violence.

To promote income generating activities for the poorest households and promote sustainable development.

To establish a system of community based supervision and protection for households headed by children, which will ensure their security from abuse and their access to heritage.

To network with human rights organization for information sharing and advocacy purposes at national, regional, and international levels.

To participate in the publications on human rights and legal issues  that can articulate rights and responsibilities of people in the light of HIV and AIDS scourge.

To fight against ritual practices on child sacrifice and stamp it out of Uganda.

About Us
Vision and Mission
To Educate the Young ones about the Dangers of Early Sex

Sex education should be very clear about the dangers and consequences of involvement into sex at an early age, HIV infection, what should be done and how should the people be helped. Signs an symptoms of HIV; Precautions measures like              
medicine in case of rape, Prevention of mother to child Transmission of HIV, Counselling and testing centres, access to information for youth and adolescents, Legal measures in cases of Rape, defilement and other ways of sexual abuse.