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To Protect the Rights of Children.


WICAH Appeals to Readers and Human Rights defenders to focus on the rights of the African Child in the Current Situation. We call up on people to stand against the acts of impunity, violence and neglect of the African children. Today our African children face the following Major Human rights abuses.


Services Overview
We aim to sensitive against Child Soldiers.

The Lord Resistance Army(LRA) in Northern Uganda has tortured people and abducted children turning them into child soldiers. This war is hellish in that the Joseph Kony’s army recruits its soldiers from the villages and schools of northern Uganda through abductions. Thousands of children have been robbed of childhood and, in many cases, of life itself. Boys and girls are turned into ruthless killers who no longer feel, but are numbed within, and their souls have become seared by the atrocities they have seen and in which they have forced to participate.

Children 7 years old are taught to kill, often beginning with their own families. Others are killed and a child is let to live and then the child is commanded to kill in order to stay alive. This war which has been in existence since 22 years has been extended to Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo,(DRC) Central African Republic: CAR
As a result of the merciless Kony  the African children abducted are trained to kill ,cut peoples´ lips ,set houses on fire, Young girls are forced to be concubines of the rebels, majority of the are child mothers, always rapid and defiled, getting infected with HIV and have no Access to Medication.

WICAH sees a huge task in Uganda on issues of human rights concerning such children.
We Support Orphans and Women on their Rights.

We support orphans who are positive living and other are not but they lost their parents to AIDS: We encourage guardians not to give up on these orphans but to take them for treatment where they can access AR VS, Counselling and have friends not to isolated. This avoids the orphans from ending up on the streets to turn into Street children.

There should be access to information, treatment and care. Women and children are more vulnerable to the risk and exposure to HIV/AIDS. The women are victims of domestic violence sex violence exposed to rape in war zones and in their oppressive marriages, the children especially girls are exposed to defilement and sorts of sexual abuse. Sex being a private issue some girls fear to report their culprits and end up with no immediate medical precautions that can help from the infection.