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How WICAH got to know Fatuma.


Fatuma Nabuleme is physically challenged girl. She is a girl by all standards considered to be unfortunate. Although born without legs and hands, Fatuma is determined not let her bodily disability ruin her life. She can do all chores as possible as she can. She can write tremendously and has a keen zeal to go to school.


She goes at a primary school at Kalerwe in the suburbs of Kampala but she has always been marginalized by the teachers. While applying to this school the head almost refused to accept her for placement, and the reason being  that she needs entire help at school for example: to be taken to the washrooms, to come out for break, to be feed. It is worth to note that not all schools are tolerant to accept her in their schools.


Projects and Beneficiaries

Fatuma can read and write, she is in Primary four and her plea is to get sponsorship for her fees, medication, feeding and also get friends, pen pals.

When asked who takes care of her, Fatuma says her brother Mr. Nsubuga 19 years old takes care of her. Previously, the other two elder brothers were just using her to collect money from sympathizers and use it for their selfish ends.

Fatuma has 4 brothers and her parents live in Masaka Uganda. They are unemployed. She lives with 3 brothers in a one single room rented in the Kampala suburb Two of the brothers are car washers at Kalerwe in Kampala district. The earning they get is used for paying rent and for food. The most caring brother is called Nsubuga who is in charge of Fatuma´s welfare.

The director of WICAH Ms Nagawa Jane Mary, while at one of the shopping center’s at Kampala, got the sleeping nearby. Ms Nagawa was touched by the physical disability of the girl. This prompted her to start a conversation with her.  Out of Charity, she gave Fatuma one thousand Uganda shillings and left, but returned to know more about her plight.  “what is your name dear?” Softly she replied, “Fatuma Nabuleme.” “What happened to you dear girl?” Ms Nagawa asked. “I was born like that.” She replied. When asked who takes care of her, she answered that it is her brother Nsubuga  who is 19 years old. But, my two elder brothers were just using me to collect money from sympathizers and use it for their own egotistic ends. Fatuma says.

Fatuma gave the director, the contacts of her Brother Nsubuga, and the director managed to visit Fatuma ´s residence. She pleaded that she needs money for school fees and soap. It was school time but Fatuma  had to be on the street to beg for money for school fees.

WICAH provides Fatima with the school fees per term, and WICAH is welcoming your donation to support her. There many of these Fatuma’s here, though not with the same phycial plight, these children need your help. With your help from of just 1dollar,1€uro, we can help Fatuma and others to go to school and be able to survive themselves and the generally society.